Village Health Action Tool Assessment (VHATA)

Shawnigan Lake Village

Dear Shawnigan Lake Village Vitalization Participant:

Welcome to assessing the health of your Village!

As a result of completing 17 downtown and village plans in Western Canada, we have assembled 20 primary health indicators, benchmarks, and measurements to begin to understand the exact profile of your village as it compares to very healthy places. These 20 indicators are divided into four groups: social, economic, physical, and organizational. We want to develop quantitative and qualitative measurements of your village to assess its health and find out what its deficiencies (gaps/weaknesses) are so we can improve them.

Then we can monitor the improvements over time to observe what works and what doesn’t work. The results of this process should build a better sense of community, use capital resources more effectively, and create a more exciting and prosperous village. This tool is by no means perfect and complete. It is our intention that the tool be added to and modified to the needs of your village. It is made for change and adaptation.

Michael von Hausen
President, MVH Urban Planning & Design Inc.
Adjunct Professor, Simon Fraser University or


Please rate each of 20 indicators (categories) from 1 to 5 with 5 representing a “super village” (attribute is present and/or fully functioning), 3 representing “business as usual”, and 1 representing a “poor village” (not present). Then following completion, add up the ratings and the result should be a point total out of 100 possible points (5 potential points x 20 indicators).

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